Every Day Should Be ‘Cool Dude Day’ For Our Students

I just read the neatest story on Twitter from this guy, Jack Schneider. His story is going viral right now, and it really goes to show the importance of teachers building relationships with students and going to bat for them when they need it. Take a look for yourself — oh, and you may need some tissues.

Also, not surprisingly, this happens a lot. Kids need teachers who care, and who work to understand what’s going on in their lives. Anyway…

YES! What if parents and teachers could always click like this? Can you imagine how much better off our kids would be?

Coming from a state where we burn couches to celebrate winning a basketball game… No. That doesn’t sound weird at all.

Ha, “Cool Dude Day.” Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t?

Pretty cool, right? We need stories like this one happening every day, in every classroom. It doesn’t take endless ice cream and pizza to let our kids know we “get” them — we just have to listen and see them for who they are.

Every day can be “Cool Dude Day.” And it should be.


Photo from The Alliance for Excellent Education, CC-Licensed.

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