Kentucky Teacher on TIME Magazine Cover: ‘I’m A Teacher in America’

“I truly love teaching,” says Kentucky teacher Hope Brown. “But we are not paid for the work that we do.”

Teachers across the nation are experiencing this issue. Lately, we’ve seen teachers in states like Kentucky and Oklahoma trying to do something about it.

Now, Time is letting a Kentucky teacher speak out on it.

52-year-old Hope Brown was on a recent cover of the popular magazine explaining the struggles of being a teacher in America. She explains how she can earn additional income by donating blood plasma and selling clothes at consignment stores.

“I’m not necessarily a religious person, but I do believe I was put here to be a teacher,” the Lexington-area teacher says. “I just want to be able to financially do that.”

With a crucial mid-term election hanging in the balance, politicians and elected officials are taking notice of this growing issue. Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards and Utah governor Gary Herbert each plan to propose a pay raise for teachers in their respective states, where teacher shortages present persistent challenges to public school districts.

That will not likely be the case here in Kentucky, where Governor Matt Bevin has come under fire for his critical remarks against teachers. Will teacher pay be the next fight for the #120Strong movement and its band of protestors?

You can read the rest of the Time story here.


Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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