Kentucky Reacts On Twitter To House Approval of Bevin’s Pension Plan

Unless you live under a rock or somewhere not named Kentucky, you’ve probably heard the news. Earlier today, the Kentucky House of Representatives voted 52-46 in favor of House Bill 1, Governor Matt Bevin’s newest pension plan.

This pension plan is different from the controversial proposals that led to teacher walkouts last spring. Specifically, this bill targets regional universities and “quasi-government agencies” that also pay into the Kentucky Employees Retirement System and would freeze their pension contribution rates for a year. While it doesn’t look like HB1 will directly affect Kentucky teachers, it’s a bitter reminder that they could be next.

Per the norm, Bevin’s latest attempt to reform public pensions in Kentucky set Twitter abuzz.

If you followed along as the session was in progress, one of the major takeaways was the constitutionality of the whole thing.

Kentucky governors have the right to call special sessions out of necessity, but historically, they have not introduced their own legislation in those sessions. By calling Kentucky’s legislators back to Frankfort to consider a bill that Bevin himself crafted, it’s not clear if HB1 would even be constitutional if it were to pass into law.

If HB1 does go on to become law in Kentucky, public employees still have plenty of reasons — constitutionality aside — to question the plan.

After passing the House today, HB1 is moving on to the Senate Wednesday. Because of the overwhelming Republican majority there, it’s expected to clear that hurdle and eventually end up on Bevin’s desk to be signed. Of course, with everything we’ve witnessed these past couple years, there’s no way to know what’s up next for Kentucky’s pensions.

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Photo by Scott Beale, CC-Licensed.


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