Tell Kentucky’s new commissioner to make teacher recruitment a priority

After ousting former commissioner Wayne Lewis, Kentucky’s new-look Board of Education (KBE) is now in the middle of a national search for a new state education chief. And they need your help.

Kentucky residents, teachers, and other stakeholders are invited to take this survey to provide direct feedback to the KBE on the qualities they want to see in our next education commissioner. Given the fact that Kentucky’s teacher shortage is growing more pronounced by the day, finding someone who views teacher recruitment as a priority seems like a natural starting point.

Take the survey and be honest, but when you get to the very end, be sure to tell the KBE that Kentucky needs a commissioner who will make teacher recruitment a priority in the Bluegrass State again. Kentucky lost more than 28,000 teachers in the last decade — a rate that is simply unsustainable moving forward. Programs like Go Teach KY can help, but only if we have leaders who are deeply committed to the mission behind such efforts. 

The survey is available until 5pm EST on February 6th, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. Make sure to take it and have your voice heard!


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