Kentucky students send science experiment to International Space Station

I’ve written before about Kentucky being a hot spot for great STEM education, and a story from Fayette County is backing me up in a big way. A group of Fayette County students have been doing some amazing work… in outer space.

According to Kentucky Forward, two Fayette County students who have been studying the effects of gravity on termites alongside a group of students from Chicago, called Team V Atlas, launched their experiment to the International Space Station earlier this month. The students, Kiera Fehr and Rosalie Huff, both attend high school in the Fayette County Public School District. According to the article:

Team V Atlas won a fall 2019 STEM challenge conducted by the nonprofit Higher Orbits. They subsequently paired with another Illinois group studying how microgravity affects moth chrysalis formation, and both experiments are housed in one 4-inch cube laboratory called BUG-01. The mini lab will travel from Virginia’s Wallops Flight Facility to the ISS aboard the Cygnus spacecraft atop the Northrop Grumman Antares launch vehicle.

You can read the rest of the story here. Great job, Kiera and Rosalie! Students like you are helping Kentucky lead the way in STEM, (literally) leaving the rest of the world behind.

Photo from Fayette County Public Schools.

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