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Back From The Dead: Kentucky Gets Its Second Glimpse At Pension Reform

Update: SB 151 has been passed by the Senate 22-15. It was Thursday afternoon when the Kentucky House of Representatives convened for Day 57 of the Kentucky General Assembly’s 59-day session. It didn’t go as many expected. Back from the dead, elements of the controversial Senate Bill 1 were inserted into Senate Bill 151, which was originally filed as an act…


The Pension Bill Dropped This Week. Here Are The Quick Facts.

After months of speculation, we’ve finally got a pension bill. And it’s a doozy. Senate Bill 1 was introduced this past Wednesday by Sen. Joe Bowen (R-Owensboro), who says the 30-year plan will effectively save the state’s public pension system. It differs wildly from Gov. Bevin’s proposal back in October, which would have raised the retirement age and switched teachers’…

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